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Draft of letter, with hand-written notes, inviting participants to attend the first Canterbury Seminar on détente.

Document dated April 1985, written by John Burton regarding the relations between theories of conflict and approaches to conflict resolution.

Document dated March 1972, written by John Burton and published in International Studies Quarterly regarding the procedures required in the resolution of a communal or interstate conflict and the theoretical reasons for each.

Document written by John Burton regarding an upcoming seminar at George Mason University about ethnic, cultural and class constitutional models in South Africa.

Document dated October 3, 1980, regarding a proposal for the first Canterbury Seminar on détente meant to be a planning seminar to serve as a basis for initial discussion.

Proposal document describing the intended goals and methods of the Canterbury Seminar.

Letter dated July 16, 1979 regarding the Center for the Analysis of Conflict's exploration of conflict management and outlining a scheduled seminar discussion. Includes a list of invitees.
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