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Document dated April 1984, written by John Burton regarding power systems between states and foreign relations.

Document dated 1973, written by John Burton regarding the interests of the states, functionalism, the role of the third party, and the rules of law related to conflict management.

Document dated May 25, 1965, written by John Burton regarding the system of power balances and the system of collective security that results from conflict as a means of change.

Document regarding the role of middle powers in conflict resolution.

Document dated 1985, written by John Burton regarding the facilitation of international conflict resolution.

Document dated 1985, written by John Burton regarding dispute mediation and the role of winning in conflict management.

Undated table of contents outlining chapters about needs theory, and war avoidance policies, and the role of middle powers.

Essay by J. W. Burton, dated May 1981, on the role that independent states might play in resolving the thermo-nuclear problem.

Confidential report containing an analysis of a conflict conference between representatives of the governments of Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore who met in December 1965 to discuss the relations between these states. It details the adopted…

Document describing the various parties involved in the Somali-Ethiopia conflict and their roles.
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