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Document dated May 8, 1990, written by John Burton and presented at the University of Port Elizabeth regarding governmental systems that emphasize the satisfaction of human needs rather than the recreation of a system under another power elite.

Transcript of an address given by John Burton March 30, 1995 to the Local Government Environmental Resource Network regarding a frame for discussing dispute management, conflict resolution, negotiation, mediation, networking, cementing linkages, and…

Document dated September 1997, written by John Burton regarding adversarial forms of governing and their failure to reasonably provide for their citizens.

Document writetn by John Burton regarding the role of government from both a political and academic standpoint.

Document dated August 20, 1997, written by John Burton regarding the rebuilding of social and political systems after the fall of communism.

Document dated 1955, written by John Burton regarding changes in governing, new approaches to government, irrational opposition to change.

Document dated November 1979, written by John Burton regarding realism in dealing with conflict resolution and governmental administration.

Confidential report containing an analysis of a conflict conference between representatives of the governments of Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore who met in December 1965 to discuss the relations between these states. It details the adopted…

Letter written by John Burton to the Editor of the Canberra Times, regarding Burton's view that the Australian government should be more transparent in its diplomacy.
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