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Conference proceedings from the International Symposium on the Reunification of Korea and Peace in Asia, July 6-8, 1985, held at the Yokohama International Conference Center.

Letter dated April 14, 1989 written by Michael Banks to John Groom regarding perceived issues with the Centre for the Analysis of Conflict.

Letter dated June 24, 1971, written by John Burton to the Editor of the The Times regarding China's admission into the United Nations.

Letter dated October 6, 1971, written by John Burton to Member of Parliament R. Jenkins regarding the European Common Market.

Memo dated January 11, 1971, written by John Burton on behalf of the Centre for the Analysis of Conflict to Rolls Royce and DATA regarding the need for a third party in labor disputes.

Letter dated October 10, 1978, written by John Burton and J. Groom to "all members of the politics board" explaining the history and purpose of the Centre for the Analysis of Conflict.

Letter dated September 28, 1982, written by John Burton to Crown Prince Hassan of Jordan proposing a seminar addressing the need for Afro-Arab states to create an institutionalized means of conflict resolution among themselves, thus reducing reliance…

Document dated August 1980 written by John Burton about methods for reducing unemployment and inflation.

Document written by John Burton proposing the creation of a new International Facilitating Service as a result of poor results from existing international mediation services. This document includes an introduction to basic concepts of mediation and…

Letter dated April 27, 1983 written by John Burton to Crown Prince Hassan of Jordan, offering advice on various mediation issues with which Hassam is dealing.
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